We are delighted to launch our Divisions of Steel Rules in PDF form. The challenges of physical product supply chains in the pandemic-plagued era have led us to believe that doing rules initially this way, refining them with feedback, and publishing as hard copy later is the best way forward.  You can all find Chapter 1 here on the website as a preview.  It will give you a feel for what we have tried to achieve.  I hope also these comments from testers give you something of the flavour of the game. 

It is fast moving and fun but with a fine sense of realism that fits all we read of WW2 warfare. The game cover all theatres and can be played in 15mm, 10mm, 6mm or 3mm using any basing system.

The first event will be at the LGT later this year.  There are already over 100 army lists from list guru Mark Bevis here on the website.  You can pick up those that interest you.  We will have an army builder up in the coming months.  That wasn’t planned until April to coincide with physical product so a work in progress.  Meanwhile have fun fielding sensible forces against each other and do report back on your games at the official forum LINK. Give us all your feedback as we can update the rules easily as a PDF and you will all get a prompt to download the new version. As with MeG we are a listening team.

A new range of Ultracast 10mm is coming shortly from Plastic Soldier Company and they will be having a pre-sale once through the RTW funding campaign.  See the gallery for some photos of my prototypes – they look lovely.

Happy wargaming!  Simon Hall & Mark Bevis