Welcome to Divisions of Steel, the WW2 main battle rules by Simon Hall and Mark Bevis – the second in the series of CCC wargames.  After 40 years of WW2 gaming together we have finally put pen to paper and created a fast-paced set of rules with as much realistic feel as possible.  We will have a demo/participation game at Salute on Nov 13th and the rules will go on pre-sale soon at The Plastic Soldier Company with some fine pre-order offers.  We also have a new accompanying range of DoS figures and models in 10mm Ultracast launching with the rules.

The rules are set up to be compatible with all main WW2 collections and a standard game is roughly 2 companies aside plus bits.  An infantry base is a squad, a tank is a tank. The game suits 6mm to 20mm (we have tried everything from 3mm to 28mm).  Customised lists are being created by Mark Bevis from his popular MicroMark vault of 1000s of lists, and these will be available in PDF form.

We will be posting some videos to go with the launch next month and a series of videos thereafter to support the game and make it as easy to learn as possible. Watch this space.